Mala Beads by Padma Design sold in our gift shop at Paradise Produce Market in San Diego.

Mala Beads San Diego

Mala Beads -San Diego

Mala beads have a special history related to prayer and spirituality dating back to the 8th Century. Mala Beads are also known as prayer beads. According Buddhist prayer beads – WikipediaMalas are used for keeping count while reciting, chanting, or mentally repeating a mantra or prayer.”

Mala Beads by Padma Design sold in our gift shop at Paradise Produce Market in San Diego.
Mala Beads by Padma Design sold in our gift shop at Paradise Produce Market in San Diego.

What are Mala Beads? Mala beads are prayer beads made out of 108 beads on a string. The 109 bead is called “Meru bead.” It is considered the head of the mala necklace. 

What are they made of? “A mala bead/prayer necklace is comprised of a 108 beads on a string made with wood, seeds or precious stones. Each stone has a different meaning and quality, which makes each necklace unique. 

Why do we sell mala beads? As a yoga practitioner, I am around these necklaces every week. They are beautiful, hopeful and radiate the feeling of peace and joy. I also love rosary beads. Mala beads are known as prayer beads. They help you feel centered and peaceful. My yoga teacher was wearing them and that is how we discovered Padma Design. She is a local jewelry maker in San Diego. Our goal at Paradise is always to support local businesses first!


I mentioned Padma Design above in the how I discovered them. Jackie is a local jewelry maker describes herself as ‘a one-woman shop.’ All of the necklaces we have here were chosen from her website and made specifically for us to sell here at Paradise. The customers that have bought them already were thrilled to find them here locally to buy. 

Are they made locally?  YES!  Read more here- About Padma Design is based in San Diego, California. Our shop is located in Rancho Santa Fe right by The Crosby Estates and Cielo. 

“Padma Design is a one-woman shop. My name is Jacky, and I am the person behind Padma Design. My shop was founded in 2014. It all started with a turquoise silk tassel that I ordered from a lovely woman in Turkey. I purchased the tassel because I have some leftover palm wood beads from a previous project, and I wanted to make a bracelet. Inspired by my love for yoga what initially started as a bracelet turned into something more significant. Lo and behold, I made my very first mala beads.”  Jackie lives in San Diego and you are supporting a San Diego resident with their beautiful jewelry design made from her soul love for inspirational jewelry.

Can you wear Mala Beads, too? 

Yes! Besides using as prayer beads for your prayer time or meditation practice, mala beads or the bracelets can be worn by anyone. The yoga community worldwide has made these ancient, spiritual prayer beads as a signal of devotion to their own spiritual or religious practice. You can wear them, too, just because they are beautiful. 

Why do we sell them at Paradise produce Market? 

Inside our mini-market in which we focus on providing local fresh grown produce grown by our ranch in Pauma Valley and other local growers that sell to us, we also sell statues, mala beads, jewelry and succulent arrangements and  other crafty local goods from locals.

In eating healthy, we have noticed a trend of healthy also equals happy, and spiritual and in tune with your soul. Please stop in to check out these beautiful mala beads in person.