Local Strawberries at Paradise Produce 8175 Del Dios Highway, RSF, 92067.

Valentines Spring Produce in Season

Local Strawberries Picked Daily, Valentine's Flowers & Chocolate Dipped Berries, Local Fuerte Avocados, Sweet Gold Nugget Tangerines, Cara Cara Navels, Blood Oranges & More!

Happy New Year to you and your family in 2020!

Here at Paradise Produce we are excited to ring in the new year with lots of new seasonal fruit along with exciting news on the calendar in 2020. What’s exciting to us? Providing excellent produce from the Pauma Valley ranch (Organic Valencia Juice oranges), other local farmers, plus providing organic produce whenever possible. 

Announcement: Valentine’s Day is one month away

Many of you may already know that Paradise (originally Lemon Twist-Yes, same family, second generation) is well known for our chocolate covered dipped strawberries. One of our busiest days of the year is Valentine’s Day. Please order ahead at (858) 756-0826 or at contact page. 

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries/Chocolate Covered Strawberries

What makes these so delectable? Fresh local strawberries that were hand picked that morning and then dipped in one of the finest dark Belgian chocolate around. There are six strawberries per box with either all dark wit white dark Belgian chocolate stripes or a mix of both. Spoil your beloved and friends with the best chocolate dipped strawberries in all of Southern California. If I had to guess, it could even be the whole state, too. 

Benefits of Eating Chocolate Berries 

If it’s not enough to woo you with how amazing they are in taste, the best news of all is this Valentine’s Day in San Diego Must Have Item is also 

healthy for you to eat, too. According to UCI Health, here are the health benefits:

Strawberries are also loaded with vitamin C to boost your valentine’s immune system and offer a very good source of dietary fiber, iodine, folate, potassium and many other minerals.

Chocolate, when eaten in moderation, provides its own set of benefits.

“Cocoa, the key ingredient in chocolate, comes from cacao beans, which are full of polyphenols known as flavonoids, which, among other benefits also:

Dark chocolate is your best option, as milk chocolate is typically quite high in sugar and cream. Bittersweet dark chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa (generally 60 percent to 80 percent) offers the most health benefits without tasting too bitter to enjoy.” -UCI Health 

OTHER GOODIES at Paradise right now: 

Besides our chocolate covered strawberries, we have local raw honey, unpasteurized kind, from about a mile away from our location in Rancho Santa Fe. As most know, adding local honey to your diet has lots of health benefits, too, especially for allergies, plus according to Healthline, “The antioxidants in honey have been linked to beneficial effects on heart health, including increased blood flow to your heart and a reduced risk of blood clot formation.” Paradise Produce also carries honey from Topanga Quality Honey, which is also divine. 

Seasonal Produce -Must Haves Now

Have you ever heard of a Daisy Tangerine or an Envy Apple? If the answer is no, please don’t wait to drive this way before these seasons end. The Daisy Tangerines are organic and are from a local grower in Valley Center. We also have Cara Cara Oranges, Navel Oranges, Fuerte Avocados, Heirloom tomatoes, local farm fresh eggs, El Nopalito Chips and Salsa, Fresh baked Bread by Old Town Bakery, local dragonfruit and last but not least Sweet Local Strawberries!


We hope that the New Year is off to a wonderful start. We hope you stop in and make your way in before Valentine’s Day. Let us know if you would like to order in advance, especially if it’s a bigger order And, yes, we have Chocolate covered berries available for catering like for weddings and parties; you must call at least two to three days in advance for a large party tray of chocolate dipped strawberries. 

Wishing you well in 2020. Make sure to boost your immune system always be adding citrus, and extra fruit, especially during the winter season. 


Paradise Produce Market (Yes, originally a fruit stand; now a mix of both.)